opinion 5

Super pomysł.
Jakość wykonania na najwyższym poziomie. Przyciąga zainteresowanie klientów.
Polecam 🙂 !

Opinion 4

Strzał w dziesiątkę z pomysłem na rozwój biznesu w social media, efekty są błyskawiczne. Klienci dopytują z zaciekawieniem o magiczna skrzyneczkę z 👍 jesteśmy zachwyceni! ❤️



This is great stuff! The box is more or less the size of a wine bottle. It is made of solid yet light wood, which makes it seem durable but at the same time it is easy and safe to move around. The rope handle is smart and useful for carrying it or even to hang it from the wall. Although if you hang it the numbers will not be vertically oriented. It came with 25 number cards, which are double faced, with different digits on each side. This is great because I can play around to make up any number I need and comes in handy for eventual loss replacements.


I never expected this product to be such a hit with my customers. Many customers have asked us about this sign as they did not realise that we had a Facebook page. This became a conversation point with our customers.


LICZNIK LAJKÓW – Fajny przedmiot, znacznie tańszy niż wersja elektroniczna. Dobra jakość, dobrze wykonana. Używam wersji na napiwki, mam duzo wiecej lajków i też wiecej napiwków. Polecam! |
LIKE COUNTER! Nice item, much cheaper than the electronic version. Good quality, well made. I use the tip version, I have a lot more likes and tips. I recommend! |